Paytender Payment Processing

Scan-and-Go Payments with One Day Settlements

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Flexible Mobile Payments


In Store


Multi-Channel Payment Processing

Grow your business by enabling payments in-store, online or at point of delivery. Paytender brings convenience to your customers by allowing instant purchases with a linked bank account or debit card.

Increase Cart Sizes and Gain Customer Loyalty

Paytender mobile payment processing adds ease to every part of the ordering and checkout process, giving your business a competitive edge.

One Day Settlements Directly Into Your FDIC-insured Merchant Account

Access your money faster and improve cash flow.

No Rolling Reserves

Paytender protects your business with guaranteed payment and without imposing rolling reserves. Just simple and predictable fees.

Reduce Cash Handling

Less cash on hand means less time spent counting cash. Use the saved time to service more customers and improve business efficiencies.

View Sales Performance

Analyze sales performance and identify trends with access to visual reports. Sales are reported in an easy-to-view layout within your Online Account Center.


“We are thrilled at Plus Products how well Dama Financial is working for us. They have saved our finance team a lot of time.”

Jon Paul, CFO, Plus Products

“One of my goals was to get the company access to basic banking services, and away from cash. With Dama we are able to pay both cannabis and non-cannabis vendors and suppliers via ACH or check. Now if the rest of the industry would catch up.”

Vona S., VP of Finance, Sublime

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