Cannabis payment processing

Use Paytender to make it easy for your customers to pay you no matter where they are






Speed up the check-out process and increase sales

Why lose customers to ATM fees and long lines? Paytender makes the entire order and payment process easy, resulting in happy patrons and larger ticket sizes. A quick QR scan and you’re done!


Reduce abandoned shopping carts and
gain loyal customers

Add Paytender to your website for easy checkout, which will increase conversion rates and have your clientele singing your praises. Plus satisfied customers come back again and again. And again.


No show?
No problem!

Worried about no-shows? Text or email customers a payment link ahead of time to guarantee you get paid regardless. Pre-payment also speeds up delivery schedules, which adds to your bottom line.

Next-day settlements

Access your money when you need it. And if you need a place to put it, we’re here to provide you with legal access to an FDIC-insured Premier Banking account.

No rolling reserves, guaranteed

Paytender never imposes rolling reserves, only simple and predictable fees.

customer service

No matter what the question or concern, we are here to help you and your customers. Never bots—always Paytender experts.

View sales performance

Analyze sales performance and identify trends with access to visual reports. Sales are reported in an easy-to-view layout within your Online Account Center.

Our integration

  • Plus Products

    “We are thrilled at Plus Products how well Dama Financial is working for us. They have saved our finance team a lot of time.”

    Jon Paul, CFO. Plus Products

  • Sublime

    “They provide immediate responses to our inquires and have been outstanding at accommodating our short notice requests such as vendor approvals, transfers, and cash pickups. The ease of use of their online portal makes our job easier.”

    Vona S., VP of Finance. Sublime

  • Silverstreak

    “The Paytender team has been an amazing partner, providing the best options available with equipment, hands on training and all hours support.”

    Scott G., Silverstreak

  • American Made

    “Overall, Dama has been a great experience for us so far across the board. My requests or questions are always responded to quickly, which in this fast-paced cannabis industry is very important.”

    Andrey S., American Made

Frequently Asked Questions