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Run your entire dispensary with a single software

Simplify your retail cannabis operations and increase your sales with one intuitive platform, all while maintaining 100% compliance.

Chat with an Expert

I was a programmer for 12 years and I can tell your team really had the customer in mind when building this. It is so easy to use. I really do like GrowFlow.

Doug, Sparky McGee

Just want to reach out and say thank you for helping us with that big transition to get the rest of our stores converted over to GrowFlow! Everyone says it was so much easier and smoother than they thought!

GrowFlow knows the usual flukes that happen and always is prompt to get back to me. I can always trust that GrowFlow will give the prompt professional care I need to get my own job done without errors and high efficiency.

Chelsea, La Mota

Yesterday it was requested of me to dive into other POS' out there and I am now further convinced that you are the best solution.

Thank you so much! You guys make it so easy. I really do love GrowFlow! Wish I would have had it all along.

All the features you need to run your retail cannabis shop

GrowFlow makes running your shop a dream and keeps customers coming back. Get it all with our all-in-one retail platform. Point of Sale, compliance, inventory management, analytics, and integrations with the tools you already use.


A point of sale system built for the cannabis industry

Everything you need to run a smoother, simpler checkout process.

Simple Discounting

Discounting that actually makes sense, with rule-based settings to make sure nothing is ever sold below cost

Patient check-in

Simple patient check-in, with ID scanning

Easy orders

Intuitive order creation and checkout flow


Simple returns and purchase history

Custom Printing

Easily create the exact label designs you want for both compliance labels and receipts

Stop stressing about your stock

Keeping a compliant inventory workflow is simple and automatic — all accepted inbound orders made through GrowFlow are reported to your state compliance system.

Audit & Reconcile

Simple tools to make light work of tedious auditing and reconciling

Visual Management

Visually manage inventory at each stage from intake to sale – ability to customize your views to your workflows

Your workflows

Workflows molded around your business - no need to change your inventory management to fit our software

Highly configurable

Simple out-of-the-box, but completely configurable to meet your unique needs

Custom Printing

Easily create the exact label designs you want for both compliance labels and receipts

Keep customers coming back

No need to get another solution for loyalty points — ours is built right in. Keep track of your rewards and all of your customers' points directly in GrowFlow.

Flexible Redemption

Customize how loyalty points are redeemed – point history and real-time counts help manage use

Monitor activity in your shop, wherever you are

Get control of your shop operations with custom GrowFlow alerts to let you know when stock is low or if an employee gives too steep of a discount. Control visibility and usage based on job function.


Shop the best wholesale products for your dispensary with GrowFlow StoreFront

Make stock-outs a thing of the past with GrowFlow’s easy-to-use online buying portal, StoreFront. Shop all of your favorite wholesalers and discover new wholesalers to buy from. All transactions are compliant and tracked — your one-stop shop for stocking your dispensary.

Order anytime

Submit your orders anytime, anywhere

Beautiful Interface

Simple interface makes buying a delight

Shop Everything

Browse products from new wholesalers and build  business relationships

Automatic reports at your fingertips

You know what questions you need answered to run your shop efficiently. Get custom reports on employees, sales, and inventory. Know which products are flying off the shelves. Understand when and what to order next.


We integrate with the tools you already use

Crank up efficiency even more by syncing GrowFlow with all your favorite software tools. GrowFlow plays nice with the tools you know and love to help you run a smarter retail operation.

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Your trusted partner in growth

No matter what you need along your path to growing your cannabis business, we’ve got your back. Schedule a demo with one of our helpful team members today, and we’ll have you up and running in no time.