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Seamless, end-to-end Wholesale Operations

Selling more in less time is the goal. GrowFlow enables cultivators, processors, and distributors to take control of their entire operation with the easy tools and robust reporting.

Chat with an Expert

GrowFlow has made it really easy for me and the farm to process product and keep track of things. Having the chat support to communicate with you guys is also a huge plus of GrowFlow and your team is always on top of it and very responsive. Very helpful in every aspect you can imagine!

Heirloom Valley

Easy to use! Will and the rest of the support team is awesome!

12/12 Genetics

I really like how your system is not dependent on rooms, or location to get a high-level view of the inventory in my business. It’s very intuitive in a simplistic way.

Peter, California Champ

You guys are the best! I swear by GrowFlow. So glad I made the change! I have Antonio from [competitor] calling me all the time trying to get me to switch back to them, and I tell him that I am so pleased with GrowFlow that I can't imagine giving it up. Keep up the good work!

Washington Grower

Cultivate, process, and sell

Seed-to-sale, track and trace — each step saves you time and effort while reducing mistakes and rework.


Built from real-life experience in the garden

Our powerful cultivation tools help you with every step of the cultivation process — from cloning and propagation, feeding and watering, to harvesting and testing. Our powerful, automatic label creator helps you print compliant labels for plant batches in seconds, and we do all the state reporting for you, every step of the way.

Full Tracking

Track harvest yields back to clone batches and mothers intuitively

Visual Flow

Intuitive layout makes it easy to see where every plant is in the growing process, by room and stage

Feeding & Watering

Track nutrient applications and watering cycles for each batch of plants


Flexible harvesting tools match whatever harvest, cure, and trimming workflows you use on your farm

Waste Handling

Track and manage waste compliantly, with ease

Easy conversions and tracking for your entire product line

Create any product under the sun using our powerful inventory management and conversion tools. Track your inputs and outputs from all your product creations, and manage your product line with ease.

Easy Product Creation

Create a whole product catalog in a few clicks

Simple conversions

Make the most complex products easily using our simple conversion tools

Inventory Management

Easily manage inventory across your entire operation from a single screen – batch edit items in a few clicks

Manage transfers

Accept returns and transfers from other operations while keeping end-to-end compliance

Ship your product faster with GrowFlow sales tools

Simplify the way you make money. See the status of every sales order, generate manifests and invoices automatically, and create compliant labels for every single product in a single click – customized to match your brand. Your packing team knows exactly what to pack and in what order with automatically generated pull sheets.

Intuitive design

Easily see exactly where all your sales orders are in the fulfillment process with our user-friendly order flow

Pull Sheets

Generated automatically for each order, so your packing team can work efficiently


Flexible discounting and editing saves time and headaches


Automatically generated manifests for each order, including driver information and directions.

Automatic Label Generator

Automatically generate compliant labels for every item and every order – drag and drop tools let you create templates that can be as simple or complex as you want — from basic black and white barcodes all the way up to full-color retail packing

Showcase your product to retailers

GrowFlow Live lets you create, your own online storefront where retailers can buy from you anytime, day or night. Flexible tools let you control the products you display in your storefront, and whom you display them too. Your storefront is always up-to-date and tied directly to your available, live inventory.

Display accurate inventory

Skip the hassle skip of creating daily spreadsheets for your sales team – your Storefront always reflects exactly what you have in stock

Flexible controls

You can control what product you display, to what retailers with our flexible storefront controls

Order control

Order requests show up in your GrowFlow sales screen automatically — you choose what batches you use to fulfill the order, keeping you in control

Easy and beautiful buying experience

Show off your brand and products with beautiful photos in our modern e-commerce layout

You have data, we have your answers

Harness the power of your own data to answer your most critical business questions. GrowFlow Insights can answer questions like: What are my best-sellers? Who’s buying them? Which customers haven’t bought from me in a while? Who is my most productive salesperson? How can I grow my business faster?


We integrate with the tools you already love

Crank up efficiency even more by syncing with all your favorite software tools. Connect your Quickbooks Online account directly to GrowFlow for even easier financial management.

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Your trusted partner in growth

No matter what you need along your path to growing your cannabis business, we’ve got your back. Schedule a demo with one of our helpful team members today, and we’ll have you up and running in no time.