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Dama offers the tools you need to thrive

Banking services
Consumer payments

A one-stop shop for access to all your cannabis banking and financial services needs

Whether it’s a loan to help you expand, access to an FDIC-insured bank account, or a smart safe to store your cash, we can help you get what it takes to succeed, all under one roof.

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Accept payments in-store, online, or before pick-up and delivery

Paytender makes it easy for your customers to pay you no matter where they are.

  • Speed up check-out and delivery

  • Reduce revenue lost to no-shows

  • Less cash to worry about

  • Customers love the convenience

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Cannabis payroll done right

Our cannabis payroll solution integrates seamlessly with the entire Dama platform, giving you more time to focus on building your business.

  • Mobile-friendly platform

  • Fully compliant

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Low-interest credit options

Whether it’s a loan to expand your staff or a credit card to pay for day-to-day expenses, Dama gets you what you need.

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Smart safes with provisional credit

Funds credit to your bank account the next business day

  • In-house smart safe allows your employees to deposit cash throughout the day

  • Oversee deposits and credits in your Online Account Center

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Dama for delivery

Increase revenue and security

Order = guaranteed revenue
Faster delivery schedules
Less cash = more security

No-show? No problem

Tired of customers not showing up? Paytender allows them to pay in advance on their phones, which means you don’t get stiffed if they are MIA.

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Take cash out of the equation

Paytender’s pre-payment option speeds up drop-off schedules, which increases revenue. It also improves the overall security of your business by reducing cash.

Plus customers love the convenience, and happy customers come back

Learn More About Paytender Cannabis payment processing

Secure cash transport

If you must deal in cash, our armored car service providers can safely transport your money to an FDIC-insured bank, where we can also provide you with access to a secure, compliant and transparent account.

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Plus Products

“We are thrilled at Plus Products how well Dama Financial is working for us. They have saved our finance team a lot of time.”

Jon Paul, CFO. Plus Products


“They provide immediate responses to our inquires and have been outstanding at accommodating our short notice requests such as vendor approvals, transfers, and cash pickups. The ease of use of their online portal makes our job easier.”

Vona S., VP of Finance. Sublime


“The Paytender team has been an amazing partner, providing the best options available with equipment, hands on training and all hours support.”

Scott G., Silverstreak

American Made

“Overall, Dama has been a great experience for us so far across the board. My requests or questions are always responded to quickly, which in this fast-paced cannabis industry is very important.”

Andrey S., American Made

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