Business tools for ancillary operations

No matter how your company touches the industry, we’re here to help

Every company in the cannabis industry needs compliant business tools and banking services, but not every cannabis company is the same. So if you have a problem, tell us and we’ll fix it. Our service is second to none, and we’re determined to keep it that way.

Banking services



Keep your cannabis
revenue separate

We appreciate that if any part of your business touches the cannabis industry, it needs to steer clear of your corporate accounts.

We’ll provide you with access to FDIC-insured banking solutions, which are separate from your traditional accounts but operate in a similar manner.

And you’ll be able to move funds easily between accounts.

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  • Plus Products

    “We are thrilled at Plus Products how well Dama Financial is working for us. They have saved our finance team a lot of time.”

    Jon Paul, CFO. Plus Products

  • Sublime

    “They provide immediate responses to our inquires and have been outstanding at accommodating our short notice requests such as vendor approvals, transfers, and cash pickups. The ease of use of their online portal makes our job easier.”

    Vona S., VP of Finance. Sublime

  • Silverstreak

    “The Paytender team has been an amazing partner, providing the best options available with equipment, hands on training and all hours support.”

    Scott G., Silverstreak

  • American Made

    “Overall, Dama has been a great experience for us so far across the board. My requests or questions are always responded to quickly, which in this fast-paced cannabis industry is very important.”

    Andrey S., American Made