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Increase security and efficiency

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Smart safes
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Armored car pick-up

Smart safes with provisional credit

  • Deposits generally credited to your Premier Banking account for next-business-day access

  • Safes come in different sizes with a max capacity of 10k notes that can be customized to your business

  • Fast and easy reconciliation of all deposits back to your POS system

In-house smart safe allows your employees to deposit cash throughout the day

  • No more manual counting

  • Bill validator decreases susceptibility to fraud

  • Reduces internal cash losses due to employee error

  • Authenticate and monitor your cash at every step of the handling process

Oversee deposits and credits in your Online Account Center

  • Monitor all account activity with a single login from a desktop or the Dama mobile app

  • Different entry codes for each employee tell you which department or employee is depositing money

Armored car pick-up

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your money is secure

Less cash on hand = less risk
Money is deposited into your bank account within one business day

Convenient and fast service

  • Schedule pick-ups at times that work for you

  • Cash is deposited into your bank account within one business day

Flexible off-site pick-up

  • Schedule collection at your partner's or vendor’s location

  • Expand your sales network without having to travel to pick up cash (e.g. cultivators can sell to wholesalers hundreds of miles away)

  • Access deposited funds in your Premier Business account the next business day

Strong network of providers

  • Our relationships with multiple operators allow us to find the best rates and logistics coverage that meet your scheduling needs

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