Banking services

Business banking

Manage your finances like a traditional business with a Premier Banking account.

Access to FDIC-insured accounts with no minimums

No risk of sudden shutdowns

Increased security with unlimited cash deposits

Ability to pay by ACH, wire, or check

Manage activity on a desktop or through the Dama app

Interest-bearing accounts

Put your money to work.

Watch your money grow instead of storing it in cash

Low account
balance minimum

No mandatory withdrawals


Simplify how you get paid.

Easy options for customers
to pay you

Accept invoice payments electronically or in cash

Streamline AR/AP reporting with Quickbooks integration


Let Dama help you manage your tax payments.

No more hauling bags of cash to city hall

Armored car providers for increased security

Taxes (and licensing fees) paid the next business day

Personal banking

Give your employees the convenience and peace of mind they deserve.

No sudden account shutdowns
for working in cannabis

Access to checking, debit & ATM cards, everything that comes with a traditional account

No mandatory withdrawals

No more waiting for payments

Transfer money instantly within the Dama network.

Pay or get paid by any Dama client with the tap of a button

Search our directory for instant transfer