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Many community banks are reluctant to service cannabis operators due to a lack of resources, technology or industry expertise.

That's where Dama comes in.

Benefits of banking cannabis

Providing financial services to cannabis operators allows you to:

Earn significant revenue

When you partner with Dama, you receive a revenue share and pay nothing in return.

Be part of the solution by servicing your community

State-legal cannabis is now an integral part of many localities, and these businesses are in desperate need of your services.

Increase public safety

Removing cash from the streets protects you and your neighbors by reducing the opportunity for criminal activity.

Grow your business and strengthen commercial relationships

Clients with multiple accounts and/or business interests will appreciate being able to keep their entire portfolio under your roof.

Build goodwill and boost customer retention

Allowing cannabis clients to operate transparently without fear of account shutdowns eliminates a major source of stress.

Peace of mind leads to customer loyalty and positive word of mouth.


How to bank cannabis safely

FinCEN has provided guidance on how to bank cannabis, and the Department of Justice (through the Cole Memo priorities) specifically lays out expectations for federal prosecutors and law enforcement to follow in states with legal cannabis programs.

Servicing the cannabis industry offers enormous upside when you do the following:

Listen to the experts

Banking cannabis takes considerable resources and expertise. That's where Dama can help. Our understanding of both the cannabis and banking industries—paired with our proprietary technology—is unparalleled.

Follow the rules

Adhere to Cole Memo priorities, follow all FinCEN rules (as well as BSA/AML requirements), and stay current with state and federal regulations to ensure that you remain fully compliant.

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Partnering with Dama

What’s it like to work with us?
Here’s what you’ll get from day one:

Turnkey solution

We build—and run—your cannabis program with minimal investment on your end.

Long-term partnership

While other companies “consult” then walk away, we act as your in-house cannabis department, managing every client interaction from cradle to grave

Our experts are there every step of the way so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Best-in-class compliance

We follow all FinCEN and BSA/AML rules, adhere to Cole Memo priorities, and stay current with state and federal regulations to ensure that you remain fully compliant

Industry and technological expertise

No other company can match the depth of our relationships with banking and payments regulators—or our proprietary technology.

Enhanced due diligence and reporting

We believe absolute transparency is essential for long-term success.

You have real-time access to everything we do on your behalf.

Ongoing revenue stream

We provide a revenue share. You don’t pay us anything—we pay you.

Dama acts as an extension of your bank to handle:


This collaborative partnership allows you to confidently open your doors to
hardworking members of your community who deserve access to banking.


Why choose us

Banking cannabis can be daunting.
With Dama on your side, it’s not.

We have processed more than


We are the country’s largest provider of banking and payments solutions, serving customers in half of the cannabis-legal states.



No one comes close to our level of industry knowledge—or to the depth of our relationships with banking and payments regulators.

Our proprietary technology is second to none.

Across the board, we are


We helped write an amendment to strengthen the Safe Banking Act. We also frequently serve as experts to the past and present administrations, as well as to members of the Senate Banking Committee.

Working with us is


Everything we do is transparent and compliant.

You’ll earn revenue with minimal investment on your part.

We’re the best in the country.

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